CISSE Conference 2007

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Dec 3 18:00 GMT: Conference Chair Welcome and Conference Opening Remarks

  1. Prof. Tarek Sobh, Ph.D. P.E., Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research and Dean of the School of Engineering, University of Bridgeport “Education and Research Directions in the 21st Century: The Case for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Environments”
  2. Prof. Khaled Elleithy, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, School of Engineering, University of Bridgeport
# Schedule Conf. Title & Documents Corresponding Author Other Authors Institution
1. Mon Dec 03 18:30 GMT SCSS 07 Support Vector Machines based Arabic Language Text Classification System: Feature Selection Comparative Study Abdelwadood Mesleh Computer Engineering Department, FET, BAU. (Jordan)
2. Mon Dec 03 19:00 GMT EIAE 07 Reducing Assessment Complexity of Stem-Responses with Belnap’s Logic Sylvia Encheva Sharil Tumin Stord/Haugesund University College (Norway)
3. Mon Dec 03 19:30 GMT SCSS 07 Concepts and advantages of on-line voting solution Radek Silhavy Petr Silhavy Thomas Bata University in Zlin, Faculty of Applied Informatics (Czech Republic)
4. Mon Dec 03 20:00 GMT SCSS 07 About Sign function and some extensions. Dan Ciulin Ecole d’Ingénierie appliquée (E-I-A) (Switzerland)
5. Mon Dec 03 21:00 GMT EIAE 07 A Dual-Mode Collaborative Teaching and Learning Classroom Environment Chi Thai University of Georgia (United States)
6. Mon Dec 03 21:30 GMT IETA 07 On Facilitating the Process of Providing Expert Advises Applying Association Rules Sylvia Encheva Sharil Tumin Stord/Haugesund University College (Norway)
7. Mon Dec 03 22:00 GMT SCSS 07 Globalization and Parallelization of Nelder-Mead and Powell Optimization Methods André Koscianski Marco Antônio Luersen Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (Brazil)
8. Mon Dec 03 22:30 GMT IETA 07 A Novel Control System for a Direct Drive Linear Evgueni Sliva Bijan Sobhi-Nadjafabadi Michael Tonkin Robert Speedie Sid Sobhani Centrre for Advanced Manufacturing Research, University of SA (Australia)
9. Mon Dec 03 23:00 GMT IETA 07 Control of Electric Motor Parameters on the Basis of QR- Decomposition Technique Viktor Melnikov Yelena Zigangirova Nikolay Shishkov Innovative Eurasian University (Kazakhstan)
10. Mon Dec 03 23:30 GMT EIAE 07 Was Dyslexia used to order the Alphabet? Ernest Hibbs Federal Government (United States)
11. Tue Dec 04 00:00 GMT EIAE 07 Implementation of learning objects using J2ME: putting into practice the concept of m-Learning in Brazil Leandro Oliveira Roseclea Medina Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil)
12. Tue Dec 04 00:30 GMT SCSS 07 Global Positioning System – Working and its Applications Ahmad Raza Shafqat Hameed MacIntyre Tim University of Bradford, UK (United Kingdom (Great Britain))
13. Tue Dec 04 01:00 GMT IETA 07 Object-of-Interest Selection for Model-Based 3D Pose Tracking with Background Clutter Hans de Ruiter Beno Benhabib University of Toronto (Canada)
14. Tue Dec 04 01:30 GMT IETA 07 Formal Specification and Simulation of the Robot Perceptual System M.Yassine Belkhouche Boumediene Belkhouche University of North texas (United States)
15. Tue Dec 04 02:00 GMT SCSS 07 Theoretical Perspectives for E-Services Acceptance Model Kamaljeet Sandhu University of South Australia (Australia)
16. Tue Dec 04 02:30 GMT SCSS 07 E-Services Acceptance Model (E-SAM) Kamaljeet Sandhu University of South Australia (Australia)
17. Tue Dec 04 03:00 GMT SCSS 07 Factors for E-Services System Acceptance: A Multivariate Analysis Kamaljeet Sandhu University of South Australia (Australia)
18. Tue Dec 04 03:30 GMT SCSS 07 A Qualitative Approach to E-Services System Development Kamaljeet Sandhu University of South Australia (Australia)
19. Tue Dec 04 04:00 GMT SCSS 07 A Dynamic Approach to Software Bug Estimation Chuanlei Zhang Hemant Joshi Srini Ramaswamy Coskun Bayrak University of Arkansas at Little Rock (United States)
20. Tue Dec 04 04:30 GMT EIAE 07 Activity Theory for Designing Ubiquitous Learning Scenarios Jaesoon An Indiana University (United States)
21. Tue Dec 04 05:00 GMT IETA 07 An Artificial Immune System Based Multi-Agent Robotic cooperation Mamady 1 Dioubate Guan Zhen TAN Mohamed Lamine Toure M. Alfawaer Zeyad Central South University (China)
22. Tue Dec 04 05:30 GMT SCSS 07 An Investigation into the Performance of General Sorting of Graphics Processing Units Nick Pilkington Barry Irwin Rhodes University (South Africa)
23. Tue Dec 04 06:00 GMT SCSS 07 Personalized Web Search using Information Scent Suruchi Chawla Dr Punam Bedi University of Delhi INDIA (India)
24. Tue Dec 04 06:30 GMT TENE 07 TCP/IP Over Bluetooth Umar Khan shafqat Hameed Tim Mcintyre University of Bradford, UK (United Kingdom (Great Britain))
25. Tue Dec 04 07:00 GMT SCSS 07 Implementation of an Automated Single Camera Object Tracking System Using Frame Differencing and Dynamic Template Matching Karan Gupta Anjali Kulkarni National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India (India)
26. Tue Dec 04 07:30 GMT IETA 07 An Expert System for Diagnosing Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Faults Peter Nabende Tom Wanyama Makerere University (Netherlands)
27. Tue Dec 04 08:00 GMT IETA 07 Software Implementation of Explicit DMC Algorithm with Improved Dependability Piotr Gawkowski Maciej Lawrynczuk Piotr Marusak Piotr Tatjewski Janusz Sosnowski Institute of Computer Science, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
28. Tue Dec 04 08:30 GMT SCSS 07 Development of Quality Expectations in Mobile Information Systems Matti Koivisto Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
29. Tue Dec 04 09:00 GMT IETA 07 Analog Computer to Solve Third-Order Linear Differential Equation Taan ElAli Stacy Jones Fouzi Arammash benedict college (United States)
30. Tue Dec 04 09:30 GMT IETA 07 Simulation Strategy of the Analog Front End for UHF Passive RFID Transponders Qiuyun Fu Nicolas Gay Christian Bansleben Wolf-Joachim Fischer Fraunhofer IPMS (Germany)
31. Tue Dec 04 10:00 GMT SCSS 07 Cooperative Trust Model for a Decentralised Peer-to-Peer E-Market Martin Swinburn Ashoka Jayawardena University of New England (Australia)
32. Tue Dec 04 10:30 GMT SCSS 07 Surveillance in cyberspace Jyri Naarmala Olli Mäkinen Vaasan Läänin Puhelin Oy (Finland)
33. Tue Dec 04 11:00 GMT SCSS 07 SOA Design Pattern for Distributing the Object Model in n-tier Applications Fahad Shah NED University of Engg. & Tech. (United States)
34. Tue Dec 04 11:30 GMT SCSS 07 Database Management System for Protein Structure Data Yanchao Wang Rajshekhar Sunderraman IRMACS, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
35. Tue Dec 04 12:00 GMT SCSS 07 Critique of Traditional Statistical Tests in Asset Pricing Models Hai Lin Xiamen University (China)
36. Tue Dec 04 12:30 GMT SCSS 07 Design Viewpoint on Public eServices Jyri Naarmala Vaasan Läänin Puhelin Oy (Finland)
37. Tue Dec 04 13:00 GMT SCSS 07 Impact of Short Sale Constraints on Pricing of Restricted Stocks Hai Lin Zhenlong Zheng Xiamen University (China)
38. Tue Dec 04 13:30 GMT IETA 07 Inter-Agent Communication Adaptations for Power Network Processes Simulation Miroslav Prymek Ales Horak Masaryk University (Czech Republic)
39. Tue Dec 04 14:00 GMT EIAE 07 WORKSHOP IN INSTRUMENTATION, SENSORS, AND ENGINEERING (WISE) FOR TEACHERS Magued Iskander Vikram Kapila Polytechnic University (United States)
40. Tue Dec 04 14:30 GMT SCSS 07 A Survey of Hands-on Assignments and Projects in Undergraduate Computer Architecture Courses Xuejun Liang Jackson State University (United States)
41. Tue Dec 04 15:00 GMT TENE 07 One-Time Password Authentication with Infinite Hash Chains Alexander Chefranov Eastern Mediterranean University (Turkey)
42. Tue Dec 04 15:30 GMT EIAE 07 Developing Educational Applications using Amar Balla Akila Sarirete Effat College (Saudi Arabia)
43. Tue Dec 04 16:00 GMT EIAE 07 Improvement, Standardization, Extensibility, Helping Tools: Key Issues to Build a Successful E-Learning System Javier López-Cuadrado Tomás A. Pérez Silvia Sanz-Santamaría Ana J. Armendariz Julián Gutiérrez University of the Basque Country (Spain)
45. Tue Dec 04 17:00 GMT SCSS 07 NP-Hard Graph Problems’ Algorithms Testing Guidelines: Artificial Intelligence Principles and Testing as a Service Deniss Kumlander Department of Informatics, Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)
46. Tue Dec 04 17:30 GMT SCSS 07 Unit tests construction based on business rules Šarunas Packevicius Andrej Ušaniov Eduardas Bareiša Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
47. Tue Dec 04 18:00 GMT SCSS 07 A prototype gamma spectrometer-datalogger binds data to geographical coordinates and offers protection of measurement results Veljo Sinivee Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Physics (Estonia)
48. Tue Dec 04 18:30 GMT TENE 07 Soft biometrical students identification method for e-Learning Deniss Kumlander Department of Informatics, Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)
49. Tue Dec 04 19:00 GMT SCSS 07 Interactive Visualization of Data-Oriented XML Documents Petr Chmelar Radim Hernych Daniel Kubicek Brno University of Technology, FIT (Czech Republic)
50. Tue Dec 04 19:30 GMT IETA 07 Tracking Performance of an Identical Master-Slave Teleoperation System under Variable Time Delays Mehmet Ismet Can Dede Sabri Tosunoglu Florida International University (United States)
51. Tue Dec 04 20:00 GMT SCSS 07 A Intelligent Based Model for Urban Demand-responsive Passenger Transportation XU JIN Mhamed ITMI Habib ABDULRAB INSA-LITIS,FRANCE (France)
52. Tue Dec 04 20:30 GMT EIAE 07 Postgraduate distance e-learning programme on IT in construction Danijel Rebolj University of Maribor (Slovenia)
53. Tue Dec 04 21:00 GMT IETA 07 Automated Surveillance of Intruders at US Borders Kalyan Marneni Sreela Sasi Gannon University (United States)
54. Tue Dec 04 21:30 GMT SCSS 07 A Novel Technique to Avoid Similarity Criterion Calculations in a Multi-Processor Environment D. M. Akbar Hussain Zhenyu Yang Shaiq A Haq Zaki Ahmed M. Zafar Ullah Khan Aalborg University Esbjerg Denmark (Denmark)
55. Tue Dec 04 22:00 GMT SCSS 07 Modelibra Software Family Dzenan Ridjanovic Universite Laval (Canada)
56. Tue Dec 04 22:30 GMT IETA 07 Bluetooth: A Case Study for Industrial Applications D. M. Akbar Hussain A. A. Tabassam M. Zafar Ullah Khan Shaiq A Haq Zaki Ahmed Aalborg University Esbjerg Denmark (Denmark)
57. Tue Dec 04 23:00 GMT SCSS 07 A Fuzzy Scheduling Algorithm Based on Highest Response Ratio Next Algorithm Ali Moallemi Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (Iran)
58. Wed Dec 05 00:00 GMT EIAE 07 Cooperative Training Partnership: An Assessment of Reciprocal relationships between Universities and Industry in providing Professional Development in ICT Khalid Rabayah Badie Sartawi ICT for Development research center, Arab American University, (Israel)
59. Wed Dec 05 00:30 GMT SCSS 07 CLASSIFICATION OF ARRHYTHMIA USING ROUGH SETS Manish Narwaria K.A.Narayanan Kutty Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (India)
60. Wed Dec 05 01:30 GMT SCSS 07 Sensitivity Analysis of a Genetetic Algorithm for a Competitive Facility Location Problem Jose Maria Pangilinan Gerrit Janssens An Caris Saint Louis University, CICS (Philippines)
61. Wed Dec 05 02:00 GMT SCSS 07 Feature Selection Based on Semantics Stephanie Chua Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Malaya (Malaysia))
62. Wed Dec 05 02:30 GMT IETA 07 Characterizing the exact collision course in the plane for mobile robotics applications fethi belkhouche Texas A&M International University (United States)
63. Wed Dec 05 03:30 GMT IETA 07 Qualitative Choice and Logit Models Applied to Price Optimization Luciano Correa University of Texas at Austin / University of Chile (United States)
64. Wed Dec 05 04:00 GMT SCSS 07 A Adaptive Signal Processing Based on Wavelet Transforms Jianbo Fan Shanwen Zhang Yongping Zhang Ningbo University of Technology (China)
65. Wed Dec 05 04:30 GMT TENE 07 Performance Enhancement of CAST-128 Algorithm by modifying its Function Krishnamurthy Ningappa Dr. Ramaswamy Vydyalingam Leela GH Ashalatha M Eswarappa Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology (India)
66. Wed Dec 05 05:30 GMT EIAE 07 The Role of System Dynamics in Learning Environments Aasia Riasat Syed Hyder Syed Rizvi Farheen Zehara Khaled Elleithy University of Bridgeport (United States)
67. Wed Dec 05 06:00 GMT SCSS 07 Leakage Power Mitigation in Static Cache Memories Using Threshold Voltage Modulation Yonglian Wang Nazeih Botros SIU (United States)
68. Wed Dec 05 06:30 GMT IETA 07 The principles and planning process of an electronic kanban system Ilkka Kouri Taru Salmimaa Inka Vilpola Tampere University of Technology (Finland)
69. Wed Dec 05 07:00 GMT SCSS 07 Securing XML Web Services by using a Proxy Web Service Model Quratul-ain Mahesar Asadullah Shah Isra University (Pakistan)
70. Wed Dec 05 07:30 GMT SCSS 07 Power Efficiency Profile Evaluation for Wireless Communication Applications Marius Marcu Dacian Tudor Sebastian Fuicu Politehnica University of Timisoara (Romania)
71. Wed Dec 05 08:00 GMT IETA 07 VLSI Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform using Systolic Array Architecture Sankar Sumanth Sarode Dr. K.A.NarayananKutty c/o Dr.K.A.Narayanankutty, Amrita School of Engineering (India)
72. Wed Dec 05 08:30 GMT SCSS 07 Test Harness Environment for Embedded Java Applications Olga Korolyova Andrey Pakhomov Motorola company (Russia)
73. Wed Dec 05 09:00 GMT EIAE 07 E-Learning Promotes Information Security Margareth Stoll Dietmar Laner Dr. Margareth Stoll (Italy)
74. Wed Dec 05 09:30 GMT SCSS 07 Construction of Group Rules for VLSI Application Kang Byung-Heon Daegu University (Korea, Republic of (South Korea))
75. Wed Dec 05 10:00 GMT TENE 07 Pseudorandom Number Generation Using Cellular Automata Byung-Heon Kang Daegu University (Korea, Republic of (South Korea))
76. Wed Dec 05 10:30 GMT SCSS 07 GRASP: A Greedy Reconfigurable Approach for Shortest Path Prasad G R Chandrashekar Shet K Narasimha B Bhat National Institute of Technology,Karnataka, Surathkal (India)
77. Wed Dec 05 11:00 GMT EIAE 07 Using Platform Virtualisation to Teach System Architectures in Undergraduate Computer Science – An Evaluation of Student Learning Experiences Sean Duignan Tony Hall Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (Ireland)
78. Wed Dec 05 11:30 GMT EIAE 07 A Web Service-based Solution for E-Learning Resources Annotation and Retrieval – Conceptual Architecture Mihaela Brut Sabin Buraga Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Romania)
79. Wed Dec 05 12:00 GMT EIAE 07 Construction of Assessments With Double Adaptation Processes HECTOR BARBOSA LEON Maria Rodriguez Francisco Garcia UNIVERSIDAD DE SALAMANCA, facultad de ciencias (Spain)
80. Wed Dec 05 12:30 GMT SCSS 07 Experiences from an Empirical Study of Programs Code Coverage Anna Derezinska Warsaw University of Technology,Institute of Computer Science (Poland)
81. Wed Dec 05 13:00 GMT EIAE 07 An Integrated Course on Wavelet-Based Image Compression – Learning Abstract Information Theory on Visual Data Sven Grottke Sabina Jeschke Thomas Richter University of Stuttgart (Germany)
82. Wed Dec 05 13:30 GMT EIAE 07 Study Management and Allocation of Exercise Classes for large lectures at TU Berlin Sabina Jeschke Robert Luce Nicole Natho Olivier Pfeiffer Erhard Zorn Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)
83. Wed Dec 05 14:00 GMT TENE 07 Design and analysis of optical interconnection networks for a dataflow parallel computer Joao E.M.Perea Martins Marcos A. Cavenaghi Unesp – Sao Paulo State University (Brazil)
84. Wed Dec 05 14:30 GMT SCSS 07 Protecting Medical Images with Biometrics Information Marcelo Fornazin Marcos Cavenaghi Danilo Netto Jr. Aparecido Marana Unesp – Sao Paulo State University (Brazil)
85. Wed Dec 05 15:00 GMT SCSS 07 Building Teaching Timetables Using Random Variables: Algorithms and Techniques Chris Panagiotakopoulos University of Patras (Greece)
86. Wed Dec 05 15:30 GMT EIAE 07 ASM++ diagrams used on teaching electronic design Santiago de Pablo Santiago Cáceres Jesús A. Cebrián Manuel Berrocal University of Valladolid (Spain)
87. Wed Dec 05 16:00 GMT EIAE 07 Ultrasound Medical Diagnostics Laboratory for Remote Learning in EVICAB? Campus Rytis Jurkonis Vaidotas Marozas Arunas Lukoševicius Institute of Biomedical Engineering,Kaunas Univ. of Technology (Lithuania)
88. Wed Dec 05 16:30 GMT EIAE 07 Knowledge Control Model of Distance Learning System on IMS Standard Hennadiy Kravtsov Dmytro Kravtsov Kherson State University (Ukraine)
89. Wed Dec 05 17:00 GMT EIAE 07 Using embedded systems for literacy teaching and learning Sorin Nicola Radu Solea Dan Dobriceanu Romeo Tonca University of Craiova, Faculty of Automation (Romania)
90. Wed Dec 05 17:30 GMT SCSS 07 Model driven development of AJAX-based user interfaces Tobias Haubold Georg Beier Wolfgang Golubski Zwickau University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
91. Wed Dec 05 18:00 GMT SCSS 07 Effects of computer skill on mouse move and drag & drop performance Chris Panagiotakopoulos Menelaos Sarris University of Patras (Greece)
92. Wed Dec 05 18:30 GMT TENE 07 Light Weight Cryptography and Applications Sandeep Sadanandan Rajyalakshmi Mahalingam Technical University Munich (Germany)
93. Wed Dec 05 19:00 GMT SCSS 07 Comparing PMBOK and Agile Project Management software development processes Panos Fitsilis TEI Larissa (Greece)
94. Wed Dec 05 19:30 GMT EIAE 07 DEVELOPMENT OF ONLINE INTERNET LABORATORY (ONLINE I-LAB) Adnan Salihbegovic Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, B&H (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
95. Wed Dec 05 20:00 GMT SCSS 07 The Application of Rough Set Theory in Worsted Roving Procedure Liu Gui Yu Weidong textile materianls and technology lab., donghua university (China)
96. Wed Dec 05 20:30 GMT EIAE 07 Understanding Math Concepts through Computer-Modeled Virtual Objects John Trujillo Pedro Esteban Edwin Montoya Alejandro Montoya Juan Mejia Eafit University (Colombia)
97. Wed Dec 05 21:00 GMT TENE 07 Addressing Spam at the Systems-level through a Peered Overlay Network-based Approach Michael Horie Stephen Neville University of Victoria (Canada)
98. Wed Dec 05 21:30 GMT TENE 07 DIBS: Dual Interval Bandwidth Scheduling for Short-term Differentiation Humzah Jaffar Xiaobo Zhou Liqiang Zhang University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (United States)
99. Wed Dec 05 22:00 GMT TENE 07 A Step Towards an Autonomous Tuning Engine Design for Self-Protection and Self-Configuration Nadir Zamin Khan Danish Naeem Technical University Ilmenau (Germany)
101. Wed Dec 05 23:00 GMT EIAE 07 A first investigation for reducing e-learning environment complexity by Multiscale Rim Drira Mona Laroussi Alain Derycke Riadi laboratory, ENSI TUNISIA & Lifl laboratory, USTL FRANCE (Tunisia)
102. Wed Dec 05 23:30 GMT TENE 07 Stepping-Stone Intrusion Detection Using Neural Networks Approach Han-Ching Wu Shou-Hsuan Stephen Huang University of Houston, Dept. of Computer Science (United States)
103. Thu Dec 06 00:00 GMT SCSS 07 Introducing MARF: a Modular Audio Recognition Framework and its Applications for Scientific and Software Engineering Research Serguei Mokhov Concordia University (Canada)
104. Thu Dec 06 00:30 GMT SCSS 07 Taxonomy of Linux Kernel Vulnerability Solutions Serguei Mokhov Marc-Andre Laverdiere Djamel Benredjem Concordia University (Canada)
105. Thu Dec 06 01:00 GMT EIAE 07 Strengthening University-Industry linkage in Developing Countries through International Cooperation: Case of Sri Lanka through Cooperation of Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan Hiroomi Homma Nirihiro Ikeda Rahula Attalage Toyohashi University of Technology, ICCEED (Japan)
106. Thu Dec 06 01:30 GMT TENE 07 Light Vehicle Event Data Recorder Forensics Jeremy Daily Nathan Singleton Gavin W. Manes Digital Forensics Professionals, Inc. (United States)
107. Thu Dec 06 02:00 GMT EIAE 07 E-EDUCATION OVER HOMOGENOUS NETWORK Eren Kuren Akin Cellatoglu European University of Lefke (Cyprus)
108. Thu Dec 06 02:30 GMT EIAE 07 USING GRAPHING CALCULATORS FOR TEACHING ADVANCED CALCULUS COURSES Alexander Vaninsky Hostos Community College of The City University of New York (United States)
109. Thu Dec 06 03:30 GMT EIAE 07 Software Technique for Performance Evaluation of a Volumetric Screw Dosing System for Agro-Foods Bulk Solids Ola Daniel Calin Manescu Mihai Gaceu Liviu University Transilvania from Brasov (Romania)
110. Thu Dec 06 04:00 GMT TENE 07 A New Persian/Arabic Text Steganography Using “La” Word Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza Sharif University of Technology (Iran)
111. Thu Dec 06 05:00 GMT SCSS 07 Can Multicore Processing Learn from Arithmetic Concepts? Conrad Mueller Computer Sciences, Wits (South Africa)
112. Thu Dec 06 05:30 GMT IETA 07 Performance Model for a Reconfigurable Coprocessor Syed Rizvi Syed Hyder Aasia Riasat University of Bridgeport (United States)
113. Thu Dec 06 06:00 GMT IETA 07 Design and Control of an Omni-directional Mobile Robot Ioan DOROFTEI Victor GROSU Veaceslav SPINU Gh. Asachi Technical University (Romania)
114. Thu Dec 06 06:30 GMT TENE 07 On Use of Operation Semantics for Parallel iSCSI Protocol Ranjana Singh Rekha Singhal D J Sanghvi COE,MUMBAI UNIVERSITY (India)
115. Thu Dec 06 07:00 GMT SCSS 07 Exploration and Management of Web Based Multimedia Information Resources Umer Rashid Muhammad Afzal Bhatti Quaid-i-Azam University (Pakistan)
116. Thu Dec 06 07:30 GMT SCSS 07 A Real-Time Specific Weed Recognition System by Measuring Weeds Density through Mask Operation Imran Ahmed Zaheer Ahmad Muhammad Islam Shahid Nawaz Institute of Management Sciences, Hayatabad, Peshawar, NWFP (Pakistan)
117. Thu Dec 06 08:00 GMT TENE 07 The Adaptive Potential of Reconfigurable MEMS in MIMO Antenna Technology Ligia Chira Cremene Nicolae Crisan Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Wireless Research Group (Romania)
118. Thu Dec 06 08:30 GMT EIAE 07 Pattern-Based Usability Evaluation of E-Learning Systems Dmitry Zub Erki Eessaar Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Informatics (Estonia)
119. Thu Dec 06 09:00 GMT SCSS 07 BUILDING ANTI-VIRUS EMAIL AND FILE STORING SERVICE BASED ON GRID COMPUTING Tan Cao Dang Tam Vo Tam Tai Le Duc Son Le Ngoc Phuong Pham Duy University of Natural Sciences – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Vietnam)
120. Thu Dec 06 09:30 GMT TENE 07 Information Sharing between CSIRTs and IDSs Zair Abdelouahab Fernando Pestana Federal University of maranhão (Brazil)
121. Thu Dec 06 10:00 GMT SCSS 07 From Software Engineering to Enterprise Engineering – Introduction to a Language-critical Approach Erich Ortner Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany)
122. Thu Dec 06 10:30 GMT SCSS 07 NATR: A New Algorithm for Tracing Routes Prasad G R Chandrashekar Shet K Narasimha B Bhat National Institute of Technology,Karnataka, Surathkal (India)
123. Thu Dec 06 12:00 GMT SCSS 07 Goal functions from minimax to maximin in multicriteria choice and optimization Gueorgui Ankoudinov Ivan Ankoudinov Alexey Strizhachenko North-West State Technical University (Russia)
124. Thu Dec 06 12:30 GMT TENE 07 Reducing Malicious Behavior of Mobile Nodes in Ad Hoc Networks Syed Rizvi Saroj Poudyal Varsha Edla Ravi Nepal University of Bridgeport (United States)
125. Thu Dec 06 13:30 GMT SCSS 07 An Optimal Job Selection method in Load Balancing Algorithms of Economical Grids Mohsen Amini Salehi Hamid Tabatabaee Yazdi Mohammad Reza Akbarzade Totounchi Azad university, Mashhad Branch (Iran)
126. Thu Dec 06 14:00 GMT EIAE 07 A Tool to support Self-Education in a Lifelong Learning Dalia Baziukaite Žilvinas Vaira Dominyka Idzelyte Klaipeda University (Lithuania)
127. Thu Dec 06 14:30 GMT SCSS 07 Principles of concurrent processes synchronization at discrete systems’ nonprocedural simulative models Yurij Semishyn Olga Litvinova Aleksandra Levchenko The Odessa National Polytechnic University (Ukraine)
128. Thu Dec 06 15:00 GMT SCSS 07 On Translation-Based Design of UML Profiles Erki Eessaar Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Informatics (Estonia)
129. Thu Dec 06 15:30 GMT EIAE 07 Teaching Operating Systems Using Visualization: A Comparative Study Xiaohong Yuan Barbara Pioro Ricky Archer Yaohang Li North Carolina A&T State University (United States)
130. Thu Dec 06 16:00 GMT EIAE 07 Computerized Education: What is Behind the Attractive Curtain? Gennadiy Kuleshov Touro College (United States)
131. Thu Dec 06 16:30 GMT EIAE 07 Training Geometry Teachers with Support of a Telepresence Tool Pedro Esteban Juliana Restrepo Helmuth Trefftz Eafit University (Colombia)
132. Thu Dec 06 17:00 GMT SCSS 07 Semantics for the Specification of Asynchronous Communicating Systems (SACS) Amala V. S. Rajan Siri Bavan Geetha Abeysinghe Middlesex University (United Kingdom (Great Britain))
133. Thu Dec 06 17:30 GMT SCSS 07 A New Heuristic Algorithm for the 3D Bin Packing Problem Wissam Maarouf Aziz Barbar Michel Owayjan American University of Science and Technology (Lebanon)
134. Thu Dec 06 18:00 GMT TENE 07 Further Improvements to the Kerberos Timed Authentication Protocol Yoney Kirsal Orhan Gemikonakli Middlesex University (United Kingdom (Great Britain))
135. Thu Dec 06 19:00 GMT EIAE 07 A Systems Model for Authentic Pedagogy: Conceptualizing a Scaleable, University-wide Production Curriculum Ames Brown University of Bridgeport (United States)
136. Thu Dec 06 19:30 GMT SCSS 07 A COMPRESSION ALGORITHM BASED ON THE POLARITY OF THE SPEECH SIGNAL Buket Barkana Tamer Barkana University of Bridgeport (United States)
137. Thu Dec 06 20:00 GMT EIAE 07 The integrated education of transportation engineers in fields of computer graphics, descriptive geometry and technical drawings Lep Marjan Težak Sergej University of Maribor, Faculty of civil engineering (Slovenia)
138. Thu Dec 06 20:30 GMT SCSS 07 Non-Linear Control Applied to a Electrochemical Process to Remove Cr(VI) from Plating Wastewater Alejandro Regalado David Tello Horacio García Universidad del Mar (Mexico)
139. Thu Dec 06 21:00 GMT TENE 07 Packet Fluctuation Approach For Stepping-Stone Detection Han-Ching Wu Shou-Hsuan Stephen Huang University of Houston, Dept. of Computer Science (United States)
140. Thu Dec 06 21:30 GMT EIAE 07 Experiance with Pedagogical Patterns in Introductory Java Course Mirela Djordjevic Manhattanville College (United States)
141. Thu Dec 06 22:00 GMT SCSS 07 Shape Indexing and Retrieval: a Hybrid Approach Using Ontological Descriptions Oleg Starostenko Silvia E. Sánchez-López Jorge Rodríguez-Asomoz Jose A. Chávez-Aragón Universidad de las Americas Puebla (Mexico)
142. Thu Dec 06 22:30 GMT IETA 07 Wavelets vs Shape-Based Approaches for Image Indexing and Retrieval Leticia Flores Oleg Starostenko Ingrid Firschning Alberto Chavez Gennadiy Burlak Universidad de las Americas Puebla (Mexico)
143. Thu Dec 06 23:00 GMT SCSS 07 Fuzzy SOFM and its application to the classification of plant communities in the Taihang Mountains of China Jin-tun Zhang Suqing Li Beijing Normal University, College of Life Sciences (China)
144. Thu Dec 06 23:30 GMT SCSS 07 Ontology-based Shot Indexing for Video Surveillance System Jeongkyu Lee Munther Abualkibash Padmini Ramalingam University of Bridgeport (United States)
145. Fri Dec 07 00:00 GMT IETA 07 Data processing for mapping in mobile robotics Tomas Neuzil Ondrej Jez Brno University of Technology, FEEC (Czech Republic)
146. Fri Dec 07 02:00 GMT SCSS 07 Adaptive Image Fusion Scheme Based on Contourlet Transform, Kernel PCA and Support Vector Machine Madiha Hussain Asif Gilani Anwar-ul-Haq Nishat GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Tech.,Topi, Pakistan (Pakistan)
147. Fri Dec 07 04:00 GMT IETA 07 REGION OF INTEREST LABELING OF ULTRASOUND ABDOMINAL IMAGES USING HAUSDORFF DISTANCE Naveen Aggarwal Nupur Prakash Sanjeev Sofat CSE Deptt, University Institute of Engg. & Technology (India)
148. Fri Dec 07 05:00 GMT IETA 07 Biometrics of Cut Log Faces William Barrett San Jose State University (United States)
149. Fri Dec 07 05:30 GMT SCSS 07 An Empirical Investigation of Defect Management in Free/Open Source Software Projects Anu Gupta Ravinder Kumar Singla Panjab University, Chandigarh, India (India)
150. Fri Dec 07 06:00 GMT IETA 07 Preventing Pole-Zero Cancellation for Improved Input Disturbance Rejection in Iterative Feedback Tuning Systems Jaston Sikaundi Martin Braae University of Cape Town (South Africa)
151. Fri Dec 07 06:30 GMT IETA 07 An Enhanced Retinal Vessel Detection Algorithm Hamed Rezazadegan Tavakolli Hamid Reza Pourreza Islamic Azad University of Mashad (Iran)
152. Fri Dec 07 07:00 GMT TENE 07 Enhancement of Throughput in 802.15.4 MAC Layer Using the Principle of Circularity Bhakthavathsalam Ramaswamy Tata Elxsi Limited (India)
153. Fri Dec 07 07:30 GMT IETA 07 Kernel Locally Linear Embedding Algorithm for Quality Control Thrasivoulos Tsagaroulis Abdessamad Ben Hamza Concordia University (Quebec (Canada))
154. Fri Dec 07 08:00 GMT EIAE 07 Formative Assessment and E-Portfolios Depository or Expository? Magnus Ross Mary Welsh University of Strathclyde (Scotland (Great Britain and Northern Ireland))
155. Fri Dec 07 08:30 GMT IETA 07 Research of Network Control Systems with Competing Access to the Transfer Channel Gennady Abramov Alexander Emelyanov Maxim Ivliev Voronezh State Technological Academy (Russia)
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