Basic Guide

Synthetic urine is one of the most popular ways to help pass a drug test. The method has been assisting people to pass urine tests for many years. This has remained the case despite the introduction of more sophisticating testing systems.

Synthetic urine is usually sold in a powdered form and it is combined with water to create a urine sample. The kits are available online and they typically come with heating pads, which provide a viable way to keep the sample’s temperature between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit).

The success of a powdered urine kit is dependent on a wide variety of factors, including testing method, the sophistication of the lab and supervised testing. As can be expected, the biggest challenge revolves around smuggling the kit into the testing area without being detected. Many people recommend using a wide variety of concealment methods.

These include the Whizzinator ( a special kit containing a dildo-like device), taping the kit onto the inside thigh, inserting the sample into private parts (women only) or wearing a belt under the clothes.

Drug testing

In the United States, drug testing is a common procedure performed by a significant number of employers. Testing is conducted with the aim to increase safety, prevent injuries and ensure the reliability of workers tasked with sensitive roles. According to the American Management Association, up to 61 percent of companies conduct regular tests.

Drug use is known to compromise productivity and can lead to poor judgment. Low productivity can negatively impact an organization’s bottom line. Poor judgment undermines safety and may ruin the company’s reputation as people in key positions make bad decisions.

Many law firms test their legal teams to prevent poor decision-making that may cost the company money or damage its reputation. Some entities use the tests to screen job candidates.

Urine testing is regarded as one of the most effective ways to test for drugs. Some of the alternative tests conducted by organizations include blood, saliva and hair tests. Urine testing is significantly cheaper and easier than other methods.

Reliable solutions

Employees and job candidates can pass the tests by using one of the effective powdered urine kits available on the market, such as Test Clear. There are many ways to pass the urine tests, including sample dilution, substitution or adulteration.

A diluted sample comes with a significantly higher amount of water, thus reducing the drug ratios. To achieve the ideal ratio, an individual needs to drink a lot of water before submitting samples. However, this approach does not guarantee success.

It is common for people to pour water directly into the testing sample. Many laboratories or testing officers do not permit the use of sinks and may add dyes to the toilet facilities. On the other hand, adulterating a sample entails the addition of specific chemicals to the sample. These include vinegar or soap, which can distort the drug levels detected by the testing equipment.

On the downside, the adulteration has the potential to generate a chemical reaction. For instance, the urine sample may start bubbling, thus compromising the viability of the sample. One of the products used for adulteration is Mary Jane Super Clean.

Substituting the urine sample is undoubtedly the most effective way to pass a urine test. It is common for people to substitute their own urine with a borrowed sample. This means having to ask a clean colleague for a urine sample. However, there are instances when the donated urine sample caused problems. One man used his girlfriend’s urine, which tested positive for pregnancy.

For this reason, it is important to select the donor carefully. Human urine grows bacteria after several hours after discharge. Some people have tried using animal urine only to fail the test.

Choosing the ideal powdered urine kit

There are many synthetic urine products available online, it is vital to conduct thorough research before choosing a kit. Customer reviews are a good source of information. Identifying a high-quality product can make the difference between success or failure.

A good urine test kit has a shelf life of up to two years. When purchased the product must be kept at room temperature. Many products include strips that work as thermometers to help users ensure that the heating pads raise the temperature to between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit). The sample can be heated using a microwave or stove.