Does It Work?

If you have been summoned to take up drug tests, you might be guilty of using them and want to escape the consequences. This will make you think of ways to pass the tests. You will wonder about many things. For instance, you could ask, does synthetic urine work 2017? The answer may not be what you have in mind in this case.

Details on synthetic urine

This is a mixture of chemical substances mixed and brewed to mimic the characteristics of human urine. It is commonly known as fake pee among the users. If correctly planned and mixed, it will definitely help you pass the drug tests you are taking. It has all the qualities of urine and can be manipulated more to get exact results. It is common to people who are used to cheating in a drug test for personal gain and dodging the systems put in place to counter the use of illegal substances and crimes against other people.

When using the substance, you have to take the samples in seclusion to get away with it. You have very few minutes to prepare it. The form in which the substance is sold in is usually powder and premixed liquid solutions. It has to be mixed with several gadgets to get the exact results. You will need to have temperature strips to heat up the mixed solution to your body temperatures, tubes, and bladders to brew it to perfection. It might take you about five minutes to get it ready, but people who are well conversant with the procedures will take less time.

The products are sold in smoke shops or can be ordered from an online shop. The substance is not illegal and so it is sold in the stores that deal with the things that might be used in the drug tests. They come in small convenient parks, and will not be noticed if carried.

Things that could go wrong

1) Failure to mix well

There are times when the outcome is not positive after using the synthetic urine. You might be relying on it to work, and some contents mess up the whole mixture. Wrong mixing might mess you up and you will be forced to produce another sample. These forces you to face the tests and you will definitely fail if you know where you went wrong.

2) Lack of time to brew the solution

Another instance can be when you are asked to go in a place where you are being watched. You will not have time to set-up and brew the solution. Even if you were well prepared with the kits and you can excellently create the solution, you will not escape this trip. You just have to get the real results.

3) Limitation on usage

Another down side of the solution is the number of times you can use it. Most of the premixed solutions and powders are meant for one-time use only. This makes it hard for you to get more samples if the tests need more urine. Accidents in the laboratory may also force you to produce another sample in the same day. This becomes a major setback, as you might not have an extra pack. As a result, you are left vulnerable to exposure.

4) Failure to match body signatures

The samples might pass the drug test, but fail to match your body signatures. Some tests undergo versatile tests and the lab technicians may be able to tell the samples do not belong to you. There are ways to bypass this trick for results that favor you.


It is not recommended to always use this substance because you might be getting away with the truth and getting your body into worse situations. Some drug tests are meant to look out for your own good. Complying might get you a good chance of early redemption from bad habits. It is important to get the original results and let the treatment process begin. In cases of sexual violence, you do not have to suffer in silence and let other people live free of their crimes as you suffer secretly.


The other common group of people who are subjected to these tests is sports men and women. They are tested for doping to boost their performance in the field. The drugs can improve the performance of the body, making the competition unfair for the rest of the competitors.